Image analysis web application IAS

Support various metadata

Supporting multidimensional data and complex big data by supporting metafiles from various microscope manufacturers

AI functions

Deep learning and machine learning functions can be introduced at low cost for subscription sales.

Remote discussion

Since it is a cloud-compatible web application, it also supports remote discussions. It is easy to judge because it observes the data directly.

Remote operation (Optional)

Business efficiency is improved by connecting the target device to the API and performing remote control.

Subscription sale

Low initial investment and can be used with the latest version.





Main function

It is easy to extract objects that were difficult to recognize in the past.

Supports 3D time lapse, HCA, and tiling 3D

It supports libraries in various situations, and of course we also help you create libraries (optional).

With our unique know-how, we can read and analyze data that could only be analyzed by that manufacturer in the past.

Since it is a web application, you can contact us if you have any questions or want to consult on the spot.

Even beginners can use it with confidence, dramatically improving work efficiency.

We also accept requests for additional functions and inquiries about whether your data can be analyzed.

Customer's Voice

It is easier to use than conventional analysis software and can produce results. I used to analyze it in the laboratory until late, but since it is a web application, I can analyze it after I get home, which is comfortable.
Academia immunology
Microscopes from various manufacturers are mixed in the laboratory, and each analysis I had to learn the software. With this software, you can analyze all the data in the laboratory!
Academia regenerative medicine